Words of Introduction

IMG_1129My name is Timothy Roy and I am a composer of contemporary concert music. I embrace all sounds for use in my compositions: those produced by traditional (or not so traditional) instruments, those produced through electronic means, and those found in the natural world which can be recorded, manipulated, and structured in combination with each other and/or live instruments.

I was born and spent the first eighteen years of my life in Nederland, a small city in Southeast Texas between Beaumont and Port Arthur and less than one hundred miles from Rice University, where I’m currently working on my doctorate in music composition. As much as I enjoyed moving away from home for college and graduate school — first to Dallas and then to Kansas City — I missed the ecological splendor of the marshes and swamps that I spent so much of my childhood exploring. These are ecosystems teeming with life, the sounds of insects, bullfrogs, tree frogs, waterfowl, and alligators coalescing to produce an astounding symphony. Recently, I have come to understand that these sounds are as much a part of me as any music I grew up listening to.

Swamp Sounds, Marsh Music is a project that seeks to integrate these sounds into my language and practice as a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic concert music. During the spring and summer of 2018, I embarked on an exploration of the acoustic ecology of Gulf Coast wetlands, visiting multiple swamps and marshes in Southeast Texas. My goal was to document, through high-quality field recordings, the unique aural landscape of the area.

My quest for unique sonic environments brought me to Cattail Marsh (Beaumont, TX), Brazos Bend State Park (Needville, TX), Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge (Lake Jackson, TX), Smith Oaks Bird Sanctuary (High Island, TX), and my family’s fishing lease (Bridge City, TX), as well as several other surprising locations (see here and here).

To sample my music and read more about my activities as a composer, please visit my personal website at www.timothyroymusic.com.